Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas party

My parents

Every year my family gets together and we have a Christmas party where Santa comes to visit and this is the real Santa he has been coming to these parties since i was about 6 years old and he looks the exact same. He can answer any question you can possibly think of. The first time Bronson came to one of the parties he was amazed at how good this Santa was. This is the same Santa that does the Dickens festival and a few other venues around Utah. He is amazing! So anyhow every year Santa comes to our party and we all sit on his lap and then he gives us a gift. It is so fun and the little kids absolutely love it.


This guy was awesome he was the chief at our luau and he was amazing!

A whale!!

Bronson showing off his henna tattoo i don't know why he got it on his side.

My pineapple man

well we are back from our wonderful vacation to Hawaii. It was so relaxing and just the thing that we needed to kick off the end of 2009. We stayed on Oahu at the Ko Olina Beach Club. It was so such a beautiful place. Bronson and i went to Oahu on our honeymoon and stayed in Waikiki, which was full of people and busy this resort was the complete opposite it was completely relaxing and i loved every minute of it. We swam with sea turtles and dolphins. We went snorkeling and saw whales. We drove around to the north shore to check out all the surfers. Also while we were there i got my first massage every and it was the best thing ever! Oh my gosh i can't even explain it. It was heaven. This vacation was prefect way to the end year.
The Resort

Friday, November 20, 2009

Team Jacob

I have always been an Edward fan, while reading all of the books and even after watching the first disastrous movie of the twilight serious, but that all changed tonight after watching New Moon. It was pretty much amazing! I am in love with Jacob Black now. Not only is he smoking hot, but he was way different in the movie than in the books. He was much more likable and loving. I totally adore him now. I absolutely loved loved loved the movie. I mean it did have a few cheesy parts, but overall it was awesome. I must say that the movie didn't get good until after Edward left because lets be honest Robert Pattinson is not Edward or at least not my Edward. So now i have changed sides. I am team Jacob all the way even though i have read that books and i know that Jacob does not win Bella's heart in the end. I hope that everyone loved this movie as much as i did!
I am counting down until June 30, 2010 for Eclipse to come out.....yay!

Monday, November 9, 2009

5 weeks

I have 5 weeks to go from flab to fab.

My goal is to have abs like this.......
Before I go to this place in December......

My mom booked a time share in Oahu, Hawaii and my family is going to go out there to spend a week under the sun, so i have decided that i need to be in tip top shape and fast so that i am ready once again to slip on the bikini. I have a goal to go the gym at least 3 times a week and try to watch what i eat, but i guess we will see how dedicated i am to that. I am so stoked to be going to be going to Hawaii. I haven't been there in a couple years so it will be nice the go there and relax a little bit and get a tan.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bronson's New Toy

Bronson has been talking about buing one of our friends bullet bikes that he had for sale. I have pretty much been against the whole thing, but then i decided that i was going to surprise him with it while he was on his hunt. I had it all worked out I was going to tell Bronson that the bike got sold and then when he came home and opened our garage there it would be, but i pretty much can't keep a secret cuz i was so excited and ended up telling him all about it while he was hunting. I was so mad at myself, but oh well at least he got his bike.
This is the free helmet he got with the bike he was stoked

The Hunt

A couple of weeks ago Bronson left for what was supposed to be nine days to go on a once in a lifetime elk hunt in beaver that his dad drew out for. I was so not looking forward to him being gone that long. I hate to sleep alone so the thought of having to spend nine nights alone was not very appealing to me. I talked to him everyday and each day he was gone he seemed to get more and more discouraged. They thought for sure that they would get an elk within the first day or two, but i guess they guess they were wrong. It turned out to be a lot harder than they were anticipating. The fifth night that they were out there they finally got one. It wasn't quite as big as they hoped, but they were still excited about it. It took them and entire day just to pack the thing out of there it was crazy.
Bronson packing the elk out

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We bought our house three years ago this January and for most of that time it has just been a blank slate. White walls everywhere...ahhh. I knew that i wanted to paint but i didn't know which walls and what colors i for sure wanted to do. My first color scheme was red and brown with touches of black and it has been like that for the past few years. Well for my birthday my mom said that she would have someone paint a few walls of in my house for me and also make me some drapes. I was so stoked! Well we got looking around and found this way cute brown and green stripped material. I feel in love with it. Brown and green had to be my colors, which means that all my red stuff has to go. It has been a work in progress but the fianl outcome is amazing. I love it! I have still have more things to do, but my house is finally starting to feel like a home and i love it.

My cute pillows on my couch (sadie wouldn't get out of the picture)

This is my dining room with the way cute brown and striped fabric above the windows

This is my living/family room

This is my sitting room just as you wake into my house

Here is my laundry room and the cute fabrice over the windows

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

24th at Lake Powell

Devin and Kimi

The mountain the boys had to climb

Bronson catching some air

Inside a cave that Tyson wakeboarded out of

Lake Powell the biggest bath tub in the world.....

Tyson and Jade

The Gang

The sand calves killed after this

Sun, sun, and more sun. We spent the 24th at the happiest place on earth Lake Powell. Good friends, good weather, and somewhat good food if it wouldn't have been burnt (my bad). Bronson and I took two other couples down with us to the lake over the long weekend and had a blast. We cruised the boat, hung out, and the boys wake boarded until they were to sore to go out anymore. Bronson is getting to be good at wake boarding this was the first trip out that he has been able to jump the wake...woohoo good job babe. I also did a lil jumping myself, but nothing to brag about I think I only got like an inch off the water. Oh well it was a start. I absolutely love Lake Powell and I hope that we make at least one more trip out there this summer.
P.S. Some of these photos are courtesy of Jade Irvine and some are Daphne Bundy originals.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The big 22

My 22nd birthday was on Wednesday. I cannot believe I am that old. I swear i was just barely in high school and i graduated 4 years ago. Time goes by so fast. For my birthday Bronson gave me some way cute Electric sunglasses along with Tori Spelling's new book Mommywood. I was so excited. I absolutely love Tori Spelling so I was super excited to get here book. That night we went out to one of my favorite places to eat Samurai 21 and had some sushi and teriyaki chicken. It was so good! Bronson also took me to go and see Transformers. I was so excited to go see it because i loved the first one, but it was kinda lame and disappointing. Oh well though it was still a good birthday overall.

Lake Powell

My sexy hubby

Austin and Jeremy

Jeremy wakeboarding

Two weekends ago Bronson and I took a couple of our friends out to lake powell to spend the
weekend. We had so much fun! We took Shereen and Garret up to see raingbow bridge, made Jeremy wakeboard, and just played around in our boat. It was nice to get together with some good friends and hang out.

We also went out to lake powell the weekend of the 4th of july, but i always forget my camera, so i have no pictures to show for it. Pretty much my whole family went out we all just kind of
layed around and hung out. Bronson was the designated wakeboard guy so he was always out taken my naphews wakebaording. It was a fun weekend. The fireworks show was kinda lame though.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Newport Beach

This is us right after boogy boarding we were so cold!

My mom and her sea shell.....

HUGE palm tree


My mom and dad

Every June my family rents a beach house in Newport Beach, CA to have our family vacation. This year was a little different for Bronson and I because we went down with my parents 4 days before my brothers and there family came down. It was kind of nice we got to enjoy some peace and quiet before all 6 of my nephews and 1 niece came down. We had so much fun together. We went to shopping at the orange county swap meet, which was fun. There was so much junk stuff that people were selling it was crazy! We also went to Disneyland which was so fun! We went on a Sunday and it was so weird. We got there around nine and it was pretty empty we walked onto all of the rides, which i have never done before.The quietness only lasted until about 2:00 in the afternoon and then it got crazy, but we had already rode all the rides by then so we didn't care. We also tried to have a beach day, but it was still a little to cold. It was definitely June gloom down there, but it was still fun. The sun did come out a little bit in the afternoon, which was fun. I love family vacations they are always so much fun!