Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas party

My parents

Every year my family gets together and we have a Christmas party where Santa comes to visit and this is the real Santa he has been coming to these parties since i was about 6 years old and he looks the exact same. He can answer any question you can possibly think of. The first time Bronson came to one of the parties he was amazed at how good this Santa was. This is the same Santa that does the Dickens festival and a few other venues around Utah. He is amazing! So anyhow every year Santa comes to our party and we all sit on his lap and then he gives us a gift. It is so fun and the little kids absolutely love it.


This guy was awesome he was the chief at our luau and he was amazing!

A whale!!

Bronson showing off his henna tattoo i don't know why he got it on his side.

My pineapple man

well we are back from our wonderful vacation to Hawaii. It was so relaxing and just the thing that we needed to kick off the end of 2009. We stayed on Oahu at the Ko Olina Beach Club. It was so such a beautiful place. Bronson and i went to Oahu on our honeymoon and stayed in Waikiki, which was full of people and busy this resort was the complete opposite it was completely relaxing and i loved every minute of it. We swam with sea turtles and dolphins. We went snorkeling and saw whales. We drove around to the north shore to check out all the surfers. Also while we were there i got my first massage every and it was the best thing ever! Oh my gosh i can't even explain it. It was heaven. This vacation was prefect way to the end year.
The Resort