Sunday, April 8, 2012

20 weeks

I am now officially half way done with this pregnancy. So far i am feeling great. No sickness whatsoever, which is awesome. My pants are starting to get a lil tight and uncomfortable to wear. I actually just bought my first pair of maternity shorts. I went to the store with my mom and refused to even look at anything maternity especially the pants/shorts. I reluctantly tried some on and it was seriously like heaven. They were so comfortable...i was hooked...haha.
This last week i had my anatomy scan to check and make sure that my baby was progressing normal. The ultrasound tech said that everything looked normal and healthy. I was a little upset with the tech though. She had NO personalty and acted like she didn't even want to be there. This is my first baby and my first ultrasound experience to actually see my baby as more than just kinda a lil dot with arms. When it was over she asked if there was anything else i wanted to see and i said " yeah can you to tell me the sex of the baby?" She was kinda like "uhhhh...okay.." she told us that we were probably have a girl, but she did not seem confident at all. She didn't point anything out to us and after the appointment i just didn't know what to think. I was really upset with the whole ordeal. This is my first baby and i just wanted this ultrasound to be special and she kinda ruined the experience for me. A couple days later i went to another ultrasound place so they could verify what my lil baby exactly was. Well it turns out we are having a lil GIRL for sure. We both couldn't be more excited/shocked. We were both thinking boy but we didn't really care either way. I am so excited to start buying girl stuff :).
My mom bought us a crib and changing table/dresser a few months ago and we both love them. She also bought us bedding at the same time. It is totally girlie. She was hoping for a girl the whole time so its a good thing we are having a girl, cuz it would have been to late to exchange it....haha.