Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy Brithday....Yesterday

Yesterday was Bronson's 24th birthday! That seems so old to me..hahah! He was only 20 when we met. I guess that time does just fly by. I just wanted to wish Bronson a happy birthday and tell him how much i love him. He i such an amazing person. I know that i give him a lot of crap, but i would be utterly lost without him. I love you babe! Happy Birthday!

Flowers make me smile!

Flowers from Bronson

Flowers from Shereen

On Tuesday i had my big operation. I was so nervous. My mom and Bronson were up there to support me and be my lil care givers, which was awesome. My surgery went really well and it took about 30 min. but i was in reovcovery for almost 2 1/2 hrs. I guess i was really tired and didn't want to wake up. I guess that Bronson got really nervous so during my surgery he left and got me some beautiful roses. How sweet huh? He i so amazing. I just wanted to thank my mom and Bronson for helping me out. You guys are the best. The best part was that not only did I come home to a clean house and a loving husband but also another bouqet of flowers from my very best friend Shereen. It was so nice and so like her.