Tuesday, February 28, 2012

14 week update

  • My bedtime is seriously like 8:30, but i am starting to getting a little bit more energy, so thats good.
  • My pants are starting to get a lil uncomfortable. I don't look prego i just look fat. I just want my bump to pop out. I am just in this awkward stage and i feel a lil gross.
  • I have gained like 4 or 5 pounds so far. It is really hard for me to get on the scale and see those numbers slowly inching up, but i guess i should get used to it cuz they are only going to get higher..haha
  • I still haven't experienced the dreaded morning sickness, so i hope i am in the clear.
  • I am officaily in the 2nd trimester.
  • The only cravings i have really had is for a meatless Durango's salad..yummy!
  • I haven't taken any picutres of my growing belly and i don't really know why. Maybe i will when i start to show a bump and not fat.
  • My baby is the size of a lemon.


Dayna said...

You have the cutest mini-bump! You still look amazing and skinny. You will be so glad you took the time to do pregnancy updates in a few years. Keep 'em coming!

The Gleave's said...

Congrats, this is exciting news.

Jake and Jen said...

Holy Adorable furniture! I'm excited for you!