Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Jacobs Lake 2010

The Crew
Waiting for the buffalo to cross the road
North Rim
Piling into the back of the truck

A few months ago the group that i ride with decided that they wanted to ride from Jacobs Lake to the North Rim, which is about 88 miles. We were all super excited, but also a little nervous. None of us had done this ride and we didn't completely know what to expect. We knew that the first 12 miles was going to be a climb to get up to the highest elevation point, but we didn't expect more climbs beyond that point. We reached the end of the first 12 miles and we pretty much realized this was going to be a much harder ride than we expected. There were a lot of big rolling hills that we had climb and coast down. We all tried to stay together as much as we could, but we were all at such different riding levels that we ended up breaking up into little groups. When we hit the ranger station to get into the park we found out that the few people in our group that had national park passes wasn't going to get all of us in unless we were in a vehicle, which is so lame. So 8 of the 14 riders piled all our bikes and our bodies into the back of the truck that my dad was driving( he was our pick up driver for those who thought they couldn't make it) so instead of it costing each of us $10 to get in individually it cost us $10 for the whole truck load. It was kinda lame that we all had to pile in the truck, but that is your tax dollars at work...hahah. Any who we road into the park had some lunch and then it was time to get back on the road. I and another rider decided that we didn't want to ride out of the park because of the one big climb, so we got a ride to the top with my dad and then unloaded our bikes to continue our 30 miles back to the camp. Overall it was a long fun day. I started at 10 am and didn't get back to camp till 7 pm but we were only on our bikes and acutally riding for about 6 hours. The rest of the group all got around 88 miles and i only got 75 because i got the ride to the top if the park, but that was still the farthest i had ever been on a bike and i was super proud of myself. I know that i could have done the 12 miles out of the park but i was just sick of sitting on that bike....haha. Any who it was a fun trip. Thanks everyone that put it together. I also want to thank my dad for coming. He was driving the truck as our sag driver to pick up riders and refill our water bottles he was a definite life savor.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Viva La Summer

The 24th was awesome this year. Bronson and i decided that there was no better place to celebrate the 24th than out at lake powell with a few good friends. We had so much fun. The weather was perfect. Pretty much all that we did was lounge around on the boat, wakeboard, and just have a good time. I love all these people and am so glad that they could come with us on this trip.