Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy 25th Birthday (last monday)

1. He was born on April 5, 1985
2. He has over 20+ guns.
3. He is a middle child.
4. He won the 2007 WORCS ATV Pro-Am Championship
5. His passion right now is going shed hunting.
6. He drives a big black truck
7. Loves being at the lake wakeboarding
8. Has 2 dogs that he likes sometimes
9. Has only ready a few books in his life.
10. Loves to eat in bed even though i find it disgusting.
11. Has only been to the big bundy family reiunion once
12.Has recently gotten into raod biking.
13. He has a bullet bike
14.He loves watching supercross
15. He has been hunting pretty much his whole life.
16.He loves Chunky Monkey ice cream
17.He is a total handyman and can fix almost anything
18. He is usually right about most things.
19. He was officailly of the market on March 3, 2007
20. He can't wait to be a dad someday
21. He loves to be out in the mountains
22. Can make some awesome blueberry muffins
23.Hogs the bed when he sleeps
24. He wants to visit New Zealand one day
25. He is a quarter of a century old