Tuesday, July 28, 2009

24th at Lake Powell

Devin and Kimi

The mountain the boys had to climb

Bronson catching some air

Inside a cave that Tyson wakeboarded out of

Lake Powell the biggest bath tub in the world.....

Tyson and Jade

The Gang

The sand hill...my calves killed after this

Sun, sun, and more sun. We spent the 24th at the happiest place on earth Lake Powell. Good friends, good weather, and somewhat good food if it wouldn't have been burnt (my bad). Bronson and I took two other couples down with us to the lake over the long weekend and had a blast. We cruised the boat, hung out, and the boys wake boarded until they were to sore to go out anymore. Bronson is getting to be good at wake boarding this was the first trip out that he has been able to jump the wake...woohoo good job babe. I also did a lil jumping myself, but nothing to brag about I think I only got like an inch off the water. Oh well it was a start. I absolutely love Lake Powell and I hope that we make at least one more trip out there this summer.
P.S. Some of these photos are courtesy of Jade Irvine and some are Daphne Bundy originals.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The big 22

My 22nd birthday was on Wednesday. I cannot believe I am that old. I swear i was just barely in high school and i graduated 4 years ago. Time goes by so fast. For my birthday Bronson gave me some way cute Electric sunglasses along with Tori Spelling's new book Mommywood. I was so excited. I absolutely love Tori Spelling so I was super excited to get here book. That night we went out to one of my favorite places to eat Samurai 21 and had some sushi and teriyaki chicken. It was so good! Bronson also took me to go and see Transformers. I was so excited to go see it because i loved the first one, but it was kinda lame and disappointing. Oh well though it was still a good birthday overall.

Lake Powell

My sexy hubby

Austin and Jeremy

Jeremy wakeboarding

Two weekends ago Bronson and I took a couple of our friends out to lake powell to spend the
weekend. We had so much fun! We took Shereen and Garret up to see raingbow bridge, made Jeremy wakeboard, and just played around in our boat. It was nice to get together with some good friends and hang out.

We also went out to lake powell the weekend of the 4th of july, but i always forget my camera, so i have no pictures to show for it. Pretty much my whole family went out we all just kind of
layed around and hung out. Bronson was the designated wakeboard guy so he was always out taken my naphews wakebaording. It was a fun weekend. The fireworks show was kinda lame though.